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CEG-4188 - Higher Layer Network Protocols

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Note: For each chapter, the following list indicates the sections in the book by Stalling (Edition 9) that correspond to the content of the chapter and some course notes (mainly in the form of Powerpoint slides). The mention "elements of " means that the course does not cover all the details given in the book (check the course notes for checking the scope of the course). And " + some topic" means that this topic is part of the course content but it is not adequately covered by the book (check the course notes for more details). - Note that the chapter numbers in Stallings 9th edition are sometimes different than in the previous editions and that several chapters relevant for this course are not included in the book, but only provided through the Internet. Therefore, if the section numbers are different in the 9th edition, the section numbers in the 8th edition are also given in parenthesis.

  1. Introduction [Stallings 1, 2 + protocol verification, conformance testing + bridges, routers, gateways] Course Notes (revised Sept 12)
  2. Review of network issues (not really "higher layer protocols") [IP: Stallings 18.1-4, elements of 18.5; QoS: Stallings elements of 20 (8th ed: 19.3-7); MPLS: Stallings elements of 21 (8th ed: not covered)] Course Notes (revised Sept 12)
  3. Transport layer [Stallings 22 (8th ed: 20)] Course Notes - in preparation
  4. Names and addressing [Naming schemes; DNS: Stallings 26.1 (8th ed: 23.1)] Course Notes - in preparation
  5. The WEB [] Course Notes - in preparation
  6. Performance considerations Course Notes - in preparation
  7. Service-Oriented Architecure (Remote procedure calls - RPC) Course Notes - in preparation
  8. Multimedia communication Course Notes - in preparation
  9. Security Course Notes - in preparation
  10. Multi-casting and group management Course Notes - in preparation
  11. Distributed systems management Course Notes - in preparation

Created: August 26, 2010; revised Sept. 5