Selected Publications by Gregor v. Bochmann and his research group (before 2000)

Distributed Systems Research Group, EECS, University of Ottawa (and before 1998: "Groupe de Recherche en Téléinformatique", Université de Montréal )

The selected publications are classified into the following fields:

Quality of service management - for presentational applications (e.g. electronic commerce)

Some principles for quality of service management

An Approach to QoS Management in Distributed MM Applications: Design and an Implementation

Distributed multimedia applications and quality of service: a review

Quality of Service Negotiation with Present and Future Reservations: A detailed Study

Quality of service adaptation in distributed multimedia applications

Distributed multimedia applications and quality of service: A survey

Enabling technology for distributed multimedia applications

Architectural design of adaptive multimedia systems

A quality of service negotiation procedure for distributed multimedia presentational applications

Meta-data modelling for quality of service management in the World Wide Web

Cost models for distributed multimedia applications

Service management issues in electronic commerce applications

Quality of service management - for conversational and multi-casting applications

Cooperative quality of service management for multimedia applications

Quality of service management for teleteaching applications using the MPEG-4/DMIF

Object-oriented modeling of distributed systems

Object-oriented design for distributed systems: The OSI directory example

A framework for dynamic evolution of distributed systems

The Macrotec toolset for CASE-based business modelling

A pattern system for network management interfaces

Extending OMT for the Specification of Composite Objects

Approaches to the specification of object associations

Distributed objects with sense of direction

Formal description techniques for communication protocols and services

Protocol specification for OSI

Specifications of a simplified Transport protocol using different formal description techniques

Formal methods for describing distributed systems: A discussion of the experience in OSI standardization

ASN.1 and Estelle implementation support tools

Prolog for industrial software development

On the distributed implementation of LOTOS

Fairness in LOTOS

Fairness of N-party synchronization and its implementation in a distributed environment

Validation / verification of distributed systems

Validation of distributed algorithms and protocols

Reduced reachability analysis of communication protocols: A new approach

Impact of Queued Interaction on Protocol Specification and Verification

Distributed systems and network management

Conception et spécification par objets du contrôle centralisé d'un système de transmission

Test development - general aspects and protocol conformance testing

Fault models in testing

Trace analysis for conformance and arbitration testing

Test result analysis with respect to formal specifications

Test result analysis and validation of test verdicts

Test development - based on finite state machine (FSM) models

Test selection based on finite state models

Selecting test sequences for partially-specified nondeterministic finite state machines

Test generation with respect to distributed interfaces

Software testing based on SDL specifications with SAVE

Test selection based on communicating nondeterministic finite-state machines using a generalized Wp-method

Testing deterministic implementations from nondeterministic FSM specifications

A test generation tool for specifications in the form of state machines

On fault coverage of tests for finite state specifications

Test development - based on models of labeled transition systems (LTS)

Modeling Basic LOTOS by FSMs for Conformance Testing

A framework for conformance testing of systems communicating through rendezvous

Checking experiments with labeled transition systems for trace equivalence

Test development - based on models with interaction parameters

Testing Implementations of an Application-Level Communication Protocol: Inter-Library Loan

A Test Design Methodology for Protocol Testing

Application Layer Protocol Testing and ASN1 Support Tools

Automatic analysis and test case derivation for a restricted class of LOTOS expressions with data parameters

Automating the process of test derivation from SDL specifications

An Automatic Trace Analysis Tool Generator for Estelle Specifications

Test development - diagnostic testing

Diagnosis for single transition faults in communicating finite state machines

Multiple fault diagnostics for finite state machines

Diagnosing distributed systems modeled by communicating finite state machines

Test development - testing embedded system components

Testing in context: framework and test derivation

Fault models for testing in context

Deriving protocols from service specifications

Deriving protocol specifications from service specifications including parameters

Deriving protocol specifications from service specifications written in LOTOS

Dérivation de spécifications de protocole à partir de spécifications de service avec des contraintes temps-réel

Protocol synthesis using basic LOTOS and global variables

Deriving communication gateways

Design principles for communication gateways

Deriving protocol converters for communication gateways

A formal method for synthesizing optimized protocol converters and its application to mobile data networks

An efficient method for protocol conversion

Deriving submodules for real-time process control applications

On the Construction of Submodule Specifications and Communication Protocols

On the construction of communication protocols

Submodule construction for systems of I/O automata

Submodule construction tool

A model and an algorithm of subsystem construction

Other formal transformations

Failure-equivalent transformation of transition systems to avoid internal actions

Merging behavior specifications

Specialization in Estelle

Incremental construction approach for distributed system specifications

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