Student projects (this page is evolving)

in the course ELG 5125 "Quality of Service Management for Distributed Applications" (Fall 2005)

Proposed process for doing the course projects:

Important note: You are welcome to come for more meetings with the professor to discuss the progress of your readings and to discuss any questions you may have concerning the orientation of your literature search and synthesis. You may contact him after the class, by phone or by e-mail.

Here are some comments on the form and format of your report. Please avoid plagiarism (this is a MUST)

Some proposed projects  (new)

  1. Differentiated quality in multicasting environments (selected by Qiao Ying)
  2. Server load sharing and charging for differentiated services (selected by ...)
  3. Quality of service in ad-hoc networks (selected by Abbas Agane)
  4. QoS, congestion control and pricing in the context of the Internet  (selected by ...)

Project presentation schedule (to be determined)

Slides of project presentations (your slides will be posted here)

Last updated: September 30, 2005