Hewlett-Packard - NSERC - CITI  Industrial Research Chair on Communications Protocols (1989-97)

The "Teleinformatique" research  group at the University of Montreal has evolved over a large number of years and has received a recognized status through the establishment of the Hewlett-Packard - NSERC - CITI research chair on communication protocols in 1989. The chair was originally founded in collaboration with the canadian  company IDACOM of Edmonton and the CITI research center of the Department of Communications, Canada, in Laval (Québec). Since 1992, the industrial partner was the Protocol Test Center of Hewlett-Packard in Montreal.

The research performed by the group was related to the areas of protocol testing, software engineering, distributed algorithms, and communication protocols for OSI and high-speed networks. It includes such topics as protocol and software design methods, executable formal specifications, object-oriented methods, test suite development and testability, fault diagnostics, analysis of distributed algorithms, relationship between structural information and communication complexity, implicit routing, and applications to network management and distributed multimedia applications. 

The reseach team was led by professor Gregor v. Bochmann and professors Pierre Mondain-Monval (1989-90), Rachida Dssouli (since 1991), Anindya Das (1990-95) and Paola Flocchini (since 1997). Several visiting professors, post-doctoral researchers and graduate students participated in the research, in particular visiting professor Alexandre Petrenko (1992-96). The research team also included two analysts, Daniel Ouimet and Omar Bellal, and the secretary Lucie Levesque. The group was involved in several research projects performed in collaboration with the CRIM and/or various industrial partners, and has collaborated with well-known research groups in France, Germany and Japan. 

The major funding sources of the "Teleinformatique" research group during these years were the following:

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