My last course at UofO

Elise me faisait une surprise en apparaissant à la fin de mon dernier cours (le 12 avril 2016) pour me féliciter et donner un bouquet de fleurs (two photos taken later at home: Photo-1, Photo-2). Voici le brouillon du texte qu’elle envisageait de prononcer :

Dear students,

I am Elise Bochmann, Gregor Bochmann’s wife. I would like to speak to you 2 minutes. Today is a special day for Gregor. It is his last class of teaching after 45 years of involvement. I would like to thank you for your involvement in Gregor’s life. It was good for him.

And I would like to say to Gregor how happy I am that eventually he will have more time for other passions, but I am happy that you continue to fulfil research.

Thank you, Gregor, for your investment and for you, students, I wish you a prosperous future.

Here are two video clips that were taken by one of the students: Elise hides at the end of the classroom during my course, Elise speaks.