Reflections on research activities

This is a collection of documents that partly reflect on my research activities.

1989 : ITAC Award - for academic excellence in research in the field of information technology (this was the first time the award was given). The award was sponsored jointly by ITAC (Information Technology Association of Canada, an industry association) and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada). Here is my speech given on January 26 in Toronto.

1998 : Email concerning the planification of the AIAS laboratory which was part of the SITADEL - SAVANT CFI funding proposal.

2002 : Why art is needed for software engineering - talk for the reseach award from UofO.

2010 : History of protocol engineering - journal article and presentation slides for the IEEE Canada congress in Montreal in 2011. This was prepared in relation with the 30th international conference in the PSTV series which was held in Amsterdam under the name FORTE-FMOODS.

2012 : I received a doctor honoris causa from the Univesity of Rennes (France). Here are the presentation slides of my talk in english and french.

2013 : Presentation slides for my invited talk at the SDL Forum in Montreal. My talk discusses many important concepts that are important for modeling reactive systems.

2015 : Presentation slides for my invited talk at ICTSS in Dubai. My talk discusses historical aspects of protocol testing, importrant concepts for testing reactive systems, and gives an overview of our RIA crawling project with IBM.