I boycott the USA for the following reasons:

My boycott of the USA takes the following forms:

Open letter to the Presidents of the IEEE and the ACM

Given the current situation in world politics, I have decided to boycott the USA, as explained in the enclosed text. I am presently member of the IEEE and ACM and have been recognized as a Fellow in these organizations. But given the present situation, I feel quite ambiguous about my membership.

I have a high esteem for the IEEE and the ACM, and I recognize their leading role in the IT technological sector. While originally conceived as national associations, they have gradually taken up an international leadership, especially through their high quality journals and international conferences.

However, in order to effectively satisfy this international (global) role, certain things should change, such as the following:
As I explained in the enclosed text, I hope that the organization of the IEEE and ACM can evolve within the next three years to realize the above changes. You can count on my collaboration in this respect. In three years from now, I will reconsider whether I will remain a member of these organizations or not.

Gregor v. Bochmann
Ottawa (Canada), March 23, 2003

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